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Beverage Tanks & Vessels Fabricator & Manufacturer

Feldmeier Equipment manufactures tanks and vessels for all of your beverage needs. From storage to blending and pasteurization, we have a design to suit your process. Check out our agitator section to learn more about the products we design for mixing beverages.

FDA grade material options (Stainless steel, FDA Elastomers)
Sanitary construction details are standard

3A / USDA construction options
Standard and custom Quality Control and documentation options.

Innovative Beverage Storage and Processing Equipment

Discover the precision and craftsmanship of Feldmeier Equipment in our gallery, showcasing a wide range of tanks and vessels tailored for storage, blending, and pasteurization of beverages. Each piece highlights our commitment to sanitary construction, FDA-grade materials, and customizable options to meet stringent 3A/USDA standards and your specific quality control needs.