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Brewery Equipment Fabricator & Manufacturer

Feldmeier Equipment has supplied some of the nation’s largest brewers, as well as many regional and craft brewers across the country. Whether you are working with beer, wine, malt, or even hard cider, we can supply the equipment needed to match your unique process.

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Beer Fermenter Cut Sheet

  • FDA grade material options (Stainless steel, FDA Elastomers)
  • Sanitary construction details are standard
  • 3A / USDA construction options
  • Standard and custom Quality Control and documentation options

Custom Brewing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Feldmeier Equipment, we bring over 60 years of expertise in crafting custom vessels for the brewing, winemaking, and distilling industries. Our facilities across the United States produce vessels up to 2,000 BBL (62,000 Gallons) to ASME standards with 3-A compliant finishes, and we also offer in-place fabrication for larger or spatially challenged projects. Explore our website gallery to view the diversity and quality of our finished products, including fermentation tanks, bright beer systems, and specialized hop cannons. Whether you need standard or custom solutions, Feldmeier delivers superior durability and performance, ensuring each vessel meets your exacting standards.